Life Quilt: With the images used in my Intersecting Identities archive, I am assembling them into cut up pieces of digital fabric, forming a patchwork quilt - a crafting practice native to my Netherlands family members. The quilt template I am using is a photo taken of my great grandmother’s handmade quilt, with springerle anise cookies (my family’s favorite Christmas cookie) in the background. The quilt is meant to be a patchwork of my life, as well as an archive of spiritual and religious regalia that not only populates my house and has largely influenced my life. What I’m curious about exploring in this collection is aspects of my culture, and the preservation of cultural memory. I come from a line of spiritualists, homeopaths, and mystics. Though we collectively identify as Catholics, my immediate family leans heavily into esoterica. With knowledge of our ancestral traditions and spiritual practices, I wonder, how are we best preserving our cultural memory? And what do we risk by looking over the experiences of our elders? What knowledge (both practical and sacred) can be derived from their experiences that can be applied to contemporary issues? I acknowledge that not everything from previous generations is worth preserving, but I’m interested in seeing how cultural wisdom from our ancestors can be applied to collective societal and ecological advancement.