Hypotheses > Don't see situations as if they need definite answers, then striving to design those answers. See situations as pretexts to wonder, assume incomplete knowledge, and design tools/protocols to further investigate and continuously reframe those situations; the former is outcome-based, the latter: process-based.

Contra >The snag is, that the whole conceptual framework, system boundaries, criteria, faintly envisaged trajectories, possible tools, collaborators, in other words - the components of the process - become an outcome to be designed first.

Synthesis > The real question is: how can you apply process-oriented thinking to devise the very tools and initiatal conditions that are needed for the investigated process to run?

Well, if anything, that requires time, and expectation shift (from the urge to deliver findings to settling for delivery of tools as stage-1 outcome.)

Designing tools for designing tools for...
Bruno Szenk