I never want to be in a position of power, because I have only seen those with power abuse it.

Curious how entering the managerial class is a rite of passage for even the lowest rungs of the white collar hierarchy. When we further contemplate how often workers are rewarded promotions for completing a standard tenure within an industry, we begin to observe a sea of workers have passively assumed power over other laborers, whether desired or not.

What guardrails are in place to prevent human ill will from spilling into these relationships? We can assume the best of people, but possessing power over others is not a familiar condition to many, nor has it proved to bear kind fruit under pressure.

What tools are these people given to defend themselves and their direct reports in a system that has forced them all into tense, sterile relationships? How can we expect to be earnest with one another about how our work makes us feel, when one person’s livelihood lies within entirely between their superior’s hands?