During the lockdown period I did everything else required for the project on the computer and did not record much for it. Thinking back I think I should have taken screenshots of my work progress and what I did.
When making the poster on the miro board wasn't my favorite at first, but as I kept using it it became easier and comfortable to use. I would go around the board making few changes and fixes, and from their add new content to the board.
For me it was a little hard sometimes talking with my teammates as to what we should do to contribute and what we should prioritize with getting done. Even though we had a chat I felt things weren't being communicated clearly and struggled a bit.
I think as we neared the deadline I was doing work on the board and everyone comes in and we wrote notes to each other on the board talking about what we were going to put on, take off, etc.
I was happy with what I did on the poster.