Several things have stuck with me from Teresita Fernandez's talk since we listened to it last week. In particular, themes of uniqueness, mystery and creation/destruction/repair are what come to mind.

Fernandez takes some time to discuss what she took away from college/university and what those listening might take away. In the vein, she mentions how a quick google search can find much of the information you might learn in a classroom and how really what will come to define your work are the things you experienced that shaped and continue to shape you. By embracing this process and letting it drive you, the unique aspects of your questions, approach and work will take form. Furthermore, in examining this process, by looking within, one can start to "break open a mystery" and work on "making your unknown, known".

The image of a broken piece of pottery, the cracks filled in with gold, has also stuck in my head. With this image, the idea that in defining destruction as the end of a process, and repair as unattractive, we are eliminating possibilities is something I've been thinking about. What is matrix that defines what is possible, desirable, ect. just creates barriers in our heads, separating us from the task at hand.

Teresita Fernandez Response
Tucker Grinnan