Become aware of your rituals

Which are your rituals? Are you aware of your rituals? Have you lost your rituals? What is a ritual for you?

  • Do a review of your "typical day" and see if you find any ritual that you didn't even realize you always do, like drink a glass of water every morning, meditate, look out the window, etc.

  • Do a “typical year” review: what holidays do you celebrate each year? What meetings do you organize each year? Christmas, Birthday, Passover, Halloween, Valentine? What do these rituals bring you? Why do they make sense to you? What happens if you don't carry them out?

  • Do a review of your "work" process, do you do something special when you start a project? When do you finish it? What do you do when you get an idea? What is the "natural process" of your ideas? When was the last time you felt in sync with the time and the project?