Self Doubt — Doing Difficult Things

  1. Use the support available to you. Talk, don’t shut off, communicate. Things grow out of hand when they're not addressed and the people around you are there to help you.

  2. Take a deep breath and calm down. Have faith in what you’ve been immersing yourself in and separate that from the nerves and doubt.

  3. Run over the essentials. Refresh your knowledge and perspective. Synthesise into the simplest idea.

  4. Remember that anyone could draw, theoretically. It’s just hard and requires continually being assaulted by failure. Saying “I can’t” means “I’m not going to try”. What else are you going to do? Try. Keep a growth mindset.

  5. Take a step back and cut off sources of saturation and distraction. Limit your sources of input while you reassess and distill.

  6. Stop comparing yourself to others. Honestly just don’t look at other people’s work or their bios or their skillsets. There are times for tunnel vision; this is one of them.

  7. Get out of your head. Try to objectively assess the hard skills you need and take the emotion out of it. Make a plan to develop them.

  8. Don’t make any extreme decisions.