“Where does vision take place? It is an age-old question. Is everything mind or is everything not mind? It is interesting to think that everything we see might be only an aspect of the mind. Sometimes I actually experience this: turning my head to look around, I realize that what I’m seeing is just an image field shifting, an aspect of my own brain. But then I can experience the opposite and say no, the world is really out there and I’m here looking at it. It’s really there and is not dependent on my seeing it.

But beyond these two extremes is our normal daily experience. We simply see. We cannot describe it but only experience it. Film, insofar as it replicates our experience of vision, presents us with the tools to touch on and elucidate that experience. Viewing a film had tremendous mystical implications; it can be, at its best, a way of approaching and manifesting the ineffable. The respect for the ineffable is an essential aspect of devotion.”

From Nathanial Dorsky’s Devotional Cinema
alexis aceves garcia