In the early web the ’Always under construction sign’ was first a warning that the website might not work, but later became a promise that the page will grow and is taken care of and will be updated regularly, implicating a phenomane web designers are facing with every project: The fact that a website is never finished.

Brick after Brick, layer after layer, <div> after <div> – the website you will design in this seminar will also be ’Always under construction’. It might grow by interacting, API’s might generate the websites content or an algorithm constantly changes its aesthetic. At the end of the semester you have built a dynamic website.

Be aware: This is not a web development course. You will concept and design a website you will be able to build with your own skills. Anyways, a tent in the woods can be a nice as a mansion.

The course format will be a hybrid of workshop and remote. The first session will be held remotely. We will introduce us, our work and what we do in the seminar. After that you can decide if you want to take part. Next meeting then we will be a several day workshop where we will come together and try to realize our ideas and start building the websites. After that we decide together how we proceed with the course.