Natasha is a publication invested in long-form, research-driven and non-hegemonic writing. We facilitate new writing practices, decentralized perspectives and better labor models. We pay our contributors and facilitate research, commissioning two pieces per issue. We ask the writers for a summary of their research interests and tailor a question, something slightly outside of their expertise. They answer the question by doing new, experimental research, which culminates in the essay.
Natasha appears in print every two months. Our inaugural issue was published this September.

We are applying to fund a hypertext platform for Natasha’s website, which would enable us to commission and publish essays designed to be viewed on the Internet. We are wish to incorporate the API. It is important to have writing freely available on our website, as content and circulation in the print edition are limited by cost. Texts on the website will be developed cooperatively with writers and web developers to explore new conventions of the hypertext essay genre. We will investigate presenting material un-hierarchically, “malleable within reason,” and weave an ecosystem of ideas into the surface skin of the text.