Proposed timeline:

  • Commission web designer mid-late November. We have spoken to a few people regarding estimated budgets and what is feasible, and have several designers in mind.
  • Ideate & sketch ideas by mid-December. Specifically, we are researching models where some content is both free/accessible, and some content is behind a (temporary) pay-wall. We are open to exploring different models to continue our commitment to pay our contributors and -- if we were ever to make profit -- pay them royalties.
  • Website available by Issue 3, estimated March-April. We are open to the possibility of incorporating Pilgrim, or otherwise working in a manner that would fit's content system
  • Retroactive "launch" of Issues 1-3 April-May. Would like to include guest-writers and investigate a practice of "publishing in the expanded field"; more unique content, horizontal-scrolling, images baked into essays, audio-links and explorations, other quirky links (without compromising the research-oriented model), etc.
Elizaveta Shneyderman