Without going into too much detail, one of my closest friends and I went to some deep, dark places when we were in high school (4 ish years ago for me now) because we naively took too many drugs too frequently. One things that basically kept us anchored to reality was the song Banshee Beat. I played it almost every time we went to our dark place because there was something about it that made us forget everything bad; we could just sit back and listen to the harmonies build and truly appreciate it for what it is (I like to think). I think about what my friend and I went through almost every day still, and I even got a tattoo about the experience. Today though, some stuff sent me back to that place. More than just thinking about it. I feel like I'm feeling all the feelings I felt when I was in that place and I listened to Banshee Beat and couldn't help but cry, both because of my connection to it, and because it's such an emotional song to begin with. I guess the purpose of this thread is to get some stuff off my chest to fellow Animal Collective fans who can hopefully understand where I'm coming from, and also to see if anyone else has some sort of deep connection to this song as well, or any other Animal Collective song/album. Personally, the entire Feels album has this connection for me because I played a lot of it through this point in my life. To this day, most songs on Feels bring back a flood of emotion and make me want to cry while sending me down a weird, emotional, yet comforting mental spiral. It's almost like a paradox because it's one of my most favorite albums by any band, yet I can hardly listen to it because of the emotion I have connected to it. It's too much for me to listen to Feels at most points in my day-to-day life.