The project will unfold by following the parallel histories of padding and insulation, with special attention to theorizing moments of their intersection, whether realized or latent. Each stage of research will involve gathering and analyzing any relevant images, drawings, and video material, reading primary and historical texts, and writing a critical synopsis.

Stage 1: November 6 - 20
Conduct research on the historical origins of insulation and padding.

Stage 2: November 21 - December 4
Conduct research on contemporary practices of building insulation, including the science of their materiality, the manufacture process.

Stage 3: December 5 - 18
Conduct research on padding in drag, as well as its associated domains of use, including in medicine (wound dressing and cosmetic surgeries), theater and stage performance, and fashion.

Stage 4: December 19 - January 14
Synthesize the preceding research and write a polemical projection on possible adulterations of both insulation and padding.

Stratton Coffman