E: It has been some time since we last corresponded here. 592 days to be exact. Yet while that is an exact number, I find that our experience of time has warped in strange ways over the past year and a half — it somehow feels both immensely short and long at the same time.

Time dilation, as it relates to our human experience has always been an interesting subject. Einstein’s theory of relativity explores this scientifically (Figure 10). But for us, time passing has much more of a psychological or emotional impact — months pass in an instant, yet a day may take forever to pass.

Perhaps there isn’t a really good answer for how we experience time. I am just thinking about all of society’s attempts to make sense of this, and how at its core, Under Consideration is a project about communicating across time.

The fact that the conversation continues after some 592 days of silence is only marked in a time stamp at the bottom of the text. The actual conversation continues to flow seemingly naturally.

Eric Li