Casting Call For Workshop Series

Working on a new project called MergedLife. It is an investigation into a) how we share our life with another and b) how letterforms can hold that narrative. 

As a type designer there is a point in the process where I am no longer the sole author of the typeface—the typeface becomes my co-author. Companionship can be this way where we stop being the sole authors of our life and let a co-author in. 

For this project I am looking for 5 pairs of people whose lives have become intertwined. Any kind of duo can apply (couples, best friends, cousins, siblings, co-workers, neighbors, room mates, travel buddies, twins, etc.) the only requirement is a feeling of entanglment with another person. I will invite these pairs to an interview and workshop where we will use the medium of a monospace typeface to tell the story of your merged life. 

Apply to participate in MergedLife here:
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