portrait of kana_hawaportrait of kana_hawa
portrait of kana_hawa

About my art work
I don't trust people.First of all, human "emotion" is not a semi-permanent compensation. Second, "intellect" which is the role of controlling emotion is incomplete. This is because "intellect" is formed into different tipes by various factors such as the age, countries, and the environment which one's grew up. Because of these factors, I don't think humans are reliable creatures. On the other hand, however, loneliness is painful. From a medical standpoint, it is clear that loneliness affects the human mind and body in various ways. Human intellect, logic, and instinct contradict each other.
"It's human distrust. But if I can't trust humans, I feel lonely."
I express these "conflicts" and "contradictions" in my Artwork.

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kana hawa

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