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In his book “Surfing With Sartre”, Aaron James describes surfing as a state of “adaptive attunement”, in which one is:

  1. attuned to a shifting phenomenon outside of oneself (a wave)
  2. adjusting (adapting) to this phenomenon “so as to be carried along by its propulsive forces”
  3. doing the above intentionally and for the intrinsic value of the ride itself

James claims that one can surf (achieve adaptive attunement) in a variety of contexts, such as conversing at a cocktail party or navigating a busy sidewalk. When adaptively attuned, James explains, one experiences a heightened sense of agency, not by imposing one’s will upon the environment but by accepting the exchange between one’s intentions and the environmental constraints that might affect the fruition of these intentions.

(undertones of daoism, wu-wei, action through non-action, “flow” psychology)

"Adaptive Attunement" 
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"Adaptive Attunement" 
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