I enter the bathroom, he left for his 18:30 class an instant ago. He was in a hurry, I notice it because of the open lens case. It was the left one. He left the left one open. The blue one. I think that’s his favorite side. He would go mad to think the circular lid touched the sink for a prolongated amount of time, without his consent.The first thing i’m magnetised to do is close the little left side of the lens case, my attention is completely centered in an act of pure care. I love you. I love you so much I will always close your lens case when you forget to do so. You will never know it was me who did so. You will never know my hands have cloned yours, your gestures in a secret act of love. Nonetheless, whatever happens I have endless, bright, faith when it comes to you. So I put my faith in the telepathic sense that you know. That you have felt my gestures replica between your own hands and that you respond with endless secret gestures of your own in my absence. You tell me “thank you. I adore you. I will forever braid your hair. I will forever let you have the bigger piece of fruit. I will forever organize your clothes the way you do so. I will forever.”
It’s only today that I come to realize, we’ve been constantly conjuring vows for each other.