Involuntary Body
Involuntary Body
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Stelarc “From Psycho-Body to Cyber-Systems: Images as Post-human Entities” In Virtual futures: cyberotics, technology and post-human pragmatism, ed. Joan Broadhurst Dixon and Eric J. Cassidy. London: Routledge, 1998, pp.153–163.

For example: “24. PHANTOM BODY / FLUID SELF: Technologies are becoming better lifesupport systems for our images than for our bodies. IMAGES ARE IMMORTAL. BODIES ARE EPHEMERAL The body finds it increasingly difficult to match the expectations of its images. In the realm of multiplying and morphing images, the physical body’s impotence is apparent. THE BODY NOW PERFORMS BEST AS ITS IMAGE. Virtual Reality technology allows a transgression of boundaries between male/female, human/machine, time/space. The self becomes situated beyond the skin. This is not disconnecting or a splitting but an EXTRUDING OF AWARENESS. What it means to be human is no longer being immersed in genetic memory but in being reconfigured in the electromagnetic field of the circuit IN THE REALM OF THE IMAGE.” (p. 162)