Oblique Stategies – Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt, 1975Oblique Stategies – Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt, 1975
Oblique Stategies – Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt, 1975

Each card of the deck offers a challenging constraint intended to help break creative blocks by encouraging lateral thinking.

They could be used in practice to help enliven practising or shine a new light on an issue which may have been causing one problem, or just to help one think and act more creatively during practice. It is a fact universally acknowledged that if our practising becomes monotonous, unthinking, uncreative and boring, it will not be productive.

Examples include:

Use an old idea.
State the problem in words as clearly as possible.
Only one element of each kind.
What would your closest friend do?
What to increase? What to reduce?
Are there sections? Consider transitions.
Try faking it!
Honour thy error as a hidden intention.
Ask your body.
Work at a different speed.

Online Version of the Oblique Strategies

iPhone App of the Oblique Stategies

Louisa Kirchner

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