"danger here is subtle— it is not to that "someone else." The danger is to the student who wants to pose as a creator and who wants to receive social credit or evade work on the basis of having made the thing in question. It will be hard for him to make progress. Please do not tell the student that he is wrong for stealing someone's idea. Tell him instead that it is always dangerous to accept unconditionally the pomp and glory of having had an idea, that it is itself a thing to be distrusted, both when the idea is one you came up with, and when it is one you found elsewhere. I have known some graceful people who make a habit of passing their own ideas off as found objects in order to evade this distasteful and incorrect crediting.
--> The way forward must be in calamity, and in calamity there can be no concern over who thought what. All concern must be for what is immediate and actual."

danger here is subtle
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