Union Bank Building

summary: this building first served plantation owners, allowing them to borrow against their land and slave holdings. after the civil war, it was reclaimed by the newly emancipated and transformed into a savings bank. presently, it serves as an extension of FAMU's Meek-Eaton Black Archives.

- Florida's oldest surviving bank building
- chartered in 1833
- John Gamble as its first and only president
- bank failed in 1843 because of crop failures, the Second Seminole War, and unsound banking practices.

- a planter's bank, where plantation owners could borrow against their land and slave holdings (1841-1843).
- vacant/unoccupied (1843-1868)
- National Freedman's Saving and Trust Company, serving emancipated slaves and refugees (1868-?).
- church, shoe factory, beauty shop, and dance studio (1874-?)
- houses a public museum (1984-present)

- southwest corner of Adams Street and Park Avenue (1841-1971)
- 219 Apalachee Pkwy (1971-present)

information from Tallahassee-Leon County GIS