"Remember 2001 A Space Odyssey? When a tribe of Neanderthals woke up to
the giant monolith planted in their midst? Raves remind me a lot of that
scene. When I watch a group of sweaty dancers rest their heads on the
metallic grill of a giant, black speaker and attach their trembling chests to the
gaping mouth of a pulsating woofer, I instantly remember the same ape, 2
million years ago, touching, sniffing and kissing the unfamiliar and
fascinating dark object. Raves are about our future. They inspire us to become
aware of our selves, our surroundings and our humanity. They are about how
we will come together as a species and how we will treat each other. They are
about how we will communicate and express our thoughts and emotions to
one another. We only need to remember that raves are NOT a way of life. They are a ritual. An exercise for the soul as well as the body. We need to realize
that the monolith we climbed the night before was only there to inspire us. We
cannot take it to work with us for moral support and we cannot hide behind
it to avoid life’s strict requirements. We also need to accept that not everyone
can, or wishes, to be a part of our ritual. We need to respect others for
choosing different paths and not be disappointed if we are not accepted by
them. Despite the overwhelming strength we draw from raving, we have to be
the first to admit that we’re no better than anyone else. If we are to promote
peace, love, unity and respect we need to accept all others before we expect
them to accept us.
(Ramy 1999)"

andrew van hyfte