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I like the people and things on a lot more than everywhere else, so I try to replace other services with as a means of a) experimenting with the site, b) cutting out service clutter/overload, and c) consolidating all the things I need to a single place that I’m happy to pay for.

Examples include;

I use two ‘arenapaper’ channels to replace Instapaper. When I’ve read something from the ‘read’ channel, it goes to the ‘archive’ channel.

I use ‘scrobbler’ to replace the service, as well as any other ‘recent activity’ lists. This one is particularly useful because nowadays I listen to music on youtube, spotify, bandcamp, niconico, itunes, boomkat etc, and it’s very easy to just link to all of these in one place.

I have a bunch of channels that are essentially youtube music playlists, but without the functionality. Admittedly, these would probably be better as playlists on youtube, but I still prefer to keep them on

I have a portfolio channel that has a lot of my work from the last few years. It’s a surprisingly good experience, I think. Someone can just click through each image, and they’ve all got descriptions and info. I’ve added tags to each image (i.e publishing, branding, etc) so that you can use the basic channel filter as well.

Added a year ago by Dan Vaughan
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