A speculative learning environment
A speculative learning environment

Like a burrow, it is comfortable and endlessly expandable. Rooms are designed for best fit and navigation between spaces follows desire lines. Each generation builds off of and reinforces the work of their ancestors — there is always a warm fire burning, a pot on the stove; a light is left on for who ever might be next to enter or return. All are welcomed and nurtured: those who aren’t open to learning and communing are given respect and space to rest; an invitation waits for them when they are ready.

Learning here is circular, tactile, personalized. Oral histories are collected. Vessels fill and tip to store, pour and transfer knowledge between learners, across time and great distances. Teaching is encouraged, as are listening, collaborating, pondering, exploring and experiencing. Everyone has the right to learn from any object, record or being; but no one has the right to ascribe definition or claim mastery of anyone or anything else. Everyone may share what they possess. No one can share what they don’t possess.

Community members are guided by their own threads of interest. Following in Su Hui’s tradition, everyone stitches their own xuán jī tú or star gauge: creating a patchwork of knowledge and understanding that can be endlessly reconfigured and rewritten. With consent, everyone is encouraged to foster connections from their star gauge to another — creating an endlessly flowing tapestry of inquiry and understanding.

Everyone takes care of the community, its physical and psychic spaces. All beings have the right to rest and idleness, but everyone must help in a time of need. Adaptation, renewal and revitalization are held in high regard. In that this space is an ecosystem — it is a closed system. In that this space is a collection of beings — it is a porous vessel.

Inspired by: https://www.are.na/block/1861980

Carolyn Li-Madeo