1). Pecha Kucha Timeslots here
2). Peer critique: share the writing in groups of 3, and discuss the relationship between the writing to the presented design work (30 min). Topics includes but not limited to:
- Share your favorite / proudest part with the group
- Key words or themes that emerged from the writing
- Your mood at the time

3). All class check-in: Exercise


Let’s put away the writings from last week for now, you are going to do a new writing based on the fragments you gathered today and try to profile your writing from last week. Start with something is tangible, the chair you’re sitting on, the view outside of the window, the door of your apartment... No word limit, and have fun. Submit your writings here (free writing from in-class exercise and your weekly writing)


Bryce Wilner, All at Once
Samuel R. Delany, Of Solids and Surds (§59-§63)
Angie Keefer, An Octopus in Plan View (excerpt)

Submit your reading responses here

April 22, Author’s Profile II
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