1). Moodboarding: collect 5 images that go along with your profile writing from last week, not necessarily newly found images but could also from your old image collection.

2). Identify 3 of your old projects that have certain connection to your profile writing, the connections don't have to be fully externalized, could be something that only you are aware of. Write down the reasons for each briefly.

3). Attributes: make a list of attributes of the 3 projects, 10 at least and the more the better. Attributes include formats, tools, language, topics, design elements, categories... as well as any descriptive words you can label the works.

After class

Now we are pivoting into the creation for the final project — you are doing 1 from the 3 following options for the sketch work:

  a) Moving image work
Use the 5 images from your moodboard to be the visual content, and create a voiceover by using (partially) your most recent writing piece. Feel free to iterate your 5-image collection as well as make edits to your writing.

  b) Typographic work
Instead, images are optional but not required to be included. But specific information such as format, sizes, page numbers etc are required to bring to the meetings. Use your most recent writing piece to be the content, and need to be typographically expressive and strongly related to your writing.

  c) Interactive work
This will be more challenging than the 2 above as you need to plan out a whole event for the presentation. Creating 1 webpage (if multiple, there's no leaving-the-page experience) only that incorporates your 5 images as well as your writing. Explore the way how text and images interact with the audience. As this homework is a sketch for the current purpose, interactive work is not a recommended approach, but you're free to explore if you feel strongly about it.

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April 29, Designer’s Profile I
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