We had all sorts of names that we were thinking of for the magazine, but in the end, I settled on Control because, for one it’s a polem­ical word, and it’s pivotal in denoting different models of society. For instance, the common idea of control is of a hier­ar­chical, top-down deter­min­istic system, like you might get in the military or some­thing like that. Our society is more or less like that here, but there are other models of control. The control that we were inter­ested in was the idea of self-orga­nizing, home­o­static, one-layer systems. The idea of networks between people. In a way we were entering, shall we say, free flowing, totally flexible models of rela­tion­ships really, which has got us into a lot of trouble, but anyway…

Édouard Urcades