The other thing that I got involved in was educa­tional programs. Educa­tion was a great means of devel­oping ideas. Working with a group of students you could develop in a free envi­ron­ment where you could create really radical ideas and models. I was lucky, I got a whole year with a group of students and I created this course where there was no differ­ence between staff and students and all the work was coop­er­a­tive and collab­o­ra­tive. There was no indi­vidual compet­i­tive work. Out of that, I remember there was no way in which we could discuss these ideas and exter­nalize them to other artists or anybody like that. We had the feeling that we were going to places that nobody had ever been before, and yet we had no way of exter­nal­izing this to other artists and estab­lishing those philo­soph­ical models.

Édouard Urcades