50. The Task of Designing for Public Art
50. The Task of Designing for Public Art
New Museum, IdeasCity

Led by Justin Garrett Moore, The NYC Public Design Commission has overseen the development and installation of all public artworks, monuments, structures, and open spaces in New York since 1898. Projects are submitted by City agencies and include the construction, renovation, or restoration of buildings; the creation or rehabilitation of parks, playgrounds, and plazas; installation of lighting and other streetscape elements; signage; and the installation and conservation of artwork and memorials. The Commission also acts as caretaker and curator of the City’s public art collection, which is located throughout the city’s public buildings and open spaces, and maintains an extensive archive documenting the history of New York City's public works.

Speaker: Justin Garrett Moore
Year: 1910
Location: New York, NY
Image credit: Edward Clark Potter for the New York Public Library

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