72. Augmented Reality Game Revealing Cities
72. Augmented Reality Game Revealing Cities

Through urban augmented reality, Patternist proposes a shifting alter-landscape, transposing and transmutating everyday city passageways, prime for an alternative entry point into research on urban systems and flows.

Exploring a three-block radius surrounding the festival hub at Sara D. Roosevelt Park in downtown Manhattan, users will use the app to collect elements in an augmented cityscape. When they've stockpiled enough, they can reveal site-specific virtual structures floating above the neighborhood–an exoplanet, in the game’s narrative.

Designer: Patternist
Year: 2017
Location: NYC
Image credit: Patternist

Presented at IdeasCity New York

Patternist is supported by the Rhizome IdeasCity Microgrant, 2017

New Museum, IdeasCity

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