In regards to the right ----->

When presenting Goby to guest critics a couple weeks ago, one of their suggestions was to move beyond the generic typeface collection example, and really stress-test the system with example projects that are more idiosyncratic and hold personal meaning. I had a little time this week to add the resource entry/preview interface this week, and it created the impetus to do this.

Here Goby is being used to represent a book that I made last fall in my thesis course. That book helped me explore some of the themes — levels of abstraction, structurally representing information, world-building — that have driven me in Goby’s development over the past year / going forward. It also has an unconventional structure: I wrote four separate “strands” of text, each addressing a different theme, which are threaded nonlinearly across a collection of 50 found images (think Cortázar’s Hopscotch x 4). So it’s perfect as a “stress-test” in this way, because it allows me to think about how best to produce that structure from Goby’s underlying data architecture (already noticing some significant things I'd like to add/change to make Goby more flexible). It’s also nice as a sort of recursive gesture, applying Goby’s system to the collection that inspired it.

Nico Chilla