strategy: time focus > task focus


  • think of day in terms of time, not tasks
    • block out time to important tasks and move on when not finished
    • "how can i make the most of this time"
  • hard to predict how long something will take, so hard to schedule!
    • instead schedule regular intervals of time and get into a routine


  • think about how good it'll feel to be done with assignment, and how that'll open up space for you do something you're actually excited about
    • stay on top of work so i can focus on the work i want, so if they overlap i'll be done with the shitty task early and will have time to focus on what i love
  • i will sacrifice time for the shitty thing so i can have time for the actually important thing

sacrifice time, not tasks

  • expect to do all tasks, but control your time
  • instead of “I only have 20 minutes to do my work”, think “I have 20 minutes to do my work. If I use this time wisely, I’ll be 20 minutes closer to finishing the task.”