I’m going to detail the room I’ve never had. It might be more of a space than a room, because the details are more about having a space I can trust and lay securely on. But you can probably draw it, because there’s definitely tangible things in it, as well as ideas that can be manifested tangibly.

The space is secure and no one can uproot me from it against my will. I have full autonomy to come and go as I please. I have a chance to belong in this space, it’s my sanctuary.

When music is played, the bass is always turned up.

Whenever someone talks, they are listened to.

There are nooks and corners where I can take naps.

It’s warm, at times, it’s uncomfortably hot.

There’s enough shelving for a small library of books.

There’s traces of you. Anything from a shirt, to an illustration, to a pair of smart glasses.

There’s a wide enough space somewhere in the room for me to dance, and mirrors on the wall.

There’s water in the room or nearby, also plants in or nearby.

It sometimes smells like cocoa butter in the morning and periodically smells like lemons in the afternoon.

Peter Hsu