In the memorable words of Geoffrey Bowker, informatics professor at the University of California, Irvine, “Raw data is both an oxymoron and a bad idea; to the contrary, data should be cooked with care.” “Raw” carries a sense of natural or untouched, while “cooked” suggests the result of cognitive processes. But data is always the product of cognitive, cultural, and institutional processes that determine what to collect and how to collect it. In this sense, “raw data” is indeed a contradiction in terms. In the ordinary use of the term “raw data,” “raw” signifies that no processing was performed following data collection, but the term obscures the various forms of processing that necessarily occur before data collection.

All data is cooked (Barrowman, 2018)

Been thinking a lot about how the results are just presented as the results. People forget to frame where they come from, what was the original theoretical position? All data is cooked bc humans produce knowledge, therefore we have touched the data. -- From "Why data is never raw" The New Atlantis

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