44. Black Bottom Not Forgotten Monument
44. Black Bottom Not Forgotten Monument
New Museum, IdeasCity

"Black Bottom Not Forgotten" is a memorial in Lafayette Park in remembrance of the lost black neighborhood of Black Bottom that once stood there. The outline of a former Black Bottom house is traced by a mirror metal piping to
create a three dimensional frame of the forgotten homes of the Detroit neighborhood that is now Lafayette Park. This memorial structure is a celebration and remembrance of its historic black community, as well as a lens to view future
potential developments in the city through.
Practically the structure could function as a civic gathering space, a frame for children to play in, a shared garden, a stage set for plays in the park, or a place to barbecue.

Designer: IdeasCity Detroit Fellows Marsha Battle Philpot, Tommy Haddock, Paolo Patelli, Alethea Rockwell
Year: 2016
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Image credit: IdeasCity Detroit

Presented at IdeasCity Detroit