75. Research-Based Urban Projects
75. Research-Based Urban Projects

Kawaii, a project by Point Supreme, is an imaginary linear city built by the people of Hawaii and located in the ocean. It is autonomous and self contained.Kawaii’s urban fabric connects a linear series of hills of different programs and features that mysteriously resemble Hawaii’s linear collection of islands. The hills of Kawaii are experienced in a predefined sequence; the development of each specifically influences the hills on either side. The elongated side views of Kawaii reveal the hills in breathtaking simultaneity while the experience of the city depends on ones direction of movement. Due to the specific arrangement of the hills the perception and experience of Kawaii becomes objective.

Designer: Point Supreme
Year: 2011
Location: Hawai
Image credit: Point Supreme

Presented at IdeasCity Athens

New Museum, IdeasCity

Source: Screen-Shot-2018-01-31-at-11.23.42.png