1. Am I emotionally available for a relationship?
  2. Am I aware of my triggers/how they show up in my relationships?
  3. Do I really like this person?
  4. Am I familiar or comfortable with this person? There’s a difference.
  5. Do I have to perform or alter myself to be loved by them?
  6. Do our core values and beliefs align?
  7. Am I attracted to their heart, values and character?
  8. Am I willing to honor our differences?
  9. Am I willing to accept their flaws?
  10. Do I like who I am with this person?
  11. Do I want to be like this person?
  12. Do they challenge me to grow?
  13. Does this person respect me?
  14. Do they respect my boundaries?
  15. Are they an active listener?
  16. Do they know how to emotionally regulate during conflict?
  17. Can they handle constructive criticism?
  18. What is their relationship like with their family and friends? Would I be okay if they treated me the same way?
  19. Are they self aware? Do they have a healthy sense of self/emotional maturity?
  20. Can I trust this person with my heart?
  21. Can we have fun together?