Cissy Luo Final Assignment Pic 2
Cissy Luo Final Assignment Pic 2

My final assignment is composed of a twitter bot and the processing sketch it posts. The twitter bot provides me a more efficient method to advocate my art. The process of creating the bot also gave me a sense of how to code outside of the processing environment.

The processing drawing is rotating spirals in which the dots in each arm increases in size as it approaches the end of each arm. The concept of the program is as the main spirals rotate, they will eventually form into a yin-yang shaped pattern. The purpose of this project is to attain interesting patterns as the twitter bot saves a random frame from the sketch. By changing different parameters in the sketch, adding or decreasing rotating arms, the artist is able to get many different circular patterns.

I picked the yin-yang sign as the theme because in Taoism, it symbolizes how harmony is not created by already friendly forces, but instead, by opposing forces; and I believe the faith for peace among turmoil is important to have. Therefore, the rotating dots sometimes seem chaotic but eventually, they group together to create a circle or form orderly arms, representing how peace eventually comes after chaos.

This set of patterns is made by taking away two layers of rotating spirals.
Link to my twitter bot:

Qian Xi Luo

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