Matta-Clark, Conical Intersect, 1975
Matta-Clark, Conical Intersect, 1975

For the 1975 Paris Biennale, Gordon Matta-Clark made big cone-shaped holes in two buildings near the Centre Georges Pompidou. The action took place in Les Halles, a neighborhood that was being demolished. Matta-Clark aimed to permit passers-by to peek through to the Centre Pompidou while it had been under construction.

Conical Intersect (1975) was a torqued, spiraling ‘cut’ into two derelict seventeenth-century Paris buildings adjacent to the development site of the Centre Pompidou. With this site-specific work, Matta-Clark opened these old residences to light and air and commenced a dialogue about the character of urban development and the public role of art.

Julie Lang