N: The piece by Lucier reminded me of John Cage who was similarly interested in deconstructing language. In his performance called Empty Words, for example, Cage omits sentences, phrases, words, and syllables in four different parts of his reading. Cage describes his interest as “demilitarizing language” because “when we make language un-understandable…we can do our living…” In both Lucier’s and Cage’s work, then, language becomes empty of meanings as a result of a deliberate process. Why does deconstructing or abstracting speak to free will?

In realizing this potential of a process, it is also important to note that any process has to have a start. To be able to resonate a medium like Lucier or to be able to demilitarize words like Cage, there has to be a starting point. Hence, an introduction seems to also be key. Then, I wonder what does the importance of a beginning suggest for Under Consideration and also for graphic design? Do we need to have an agreed and a clear definition in the beginning? How does the initial understanding of the medium affect the process and help to realize the full potential of the same medium?

Nazlı Ercan