The dominance of
the visual in today's online interfaces has reinstated familiar modes of
identity policing, power relations and gender norms in self-representation.

But this does not mean that cyberfeminist sensibilities belong to the past.

Sorting the subversive possibilities from the oppressive ones latent in
today's web requires a feminism sensitive to the insidious return of old
power structures, yet savvy enough to know how to exploit the potential.

Digital technologies are not separable from the material realities that
underwrite them; they are connected so that each can be used to alter the
other towards different ends. Rather than arguing for the primacy of the
virtual over the material, or the material over the virtual, xenofeminism
grasps points of power and powerlessness in both, to unfold this knowledge
as effective interventions in our jointly composed reality.

Xenofeminism 0x13
Édouard Urcades