Lesson #1: Know your numbers

The first step to improving your own metrics is to identify where they stand right now so that you can set appropriate business goals.

Lesson #2: Study your audience

The next major factor that influences conversion, but is rarely written about, is relevancy. It’s not enough to publish great content and choose an attractive price, those elements also need to align with the people you're reaching.

Lesson #3: Clarify the problem you solve

Get specific about the reason it exists. The easier people can identify your cause, the higher your conversion rates will be.

Lesson #4: Do your best work

Most creators begin with the question: how can I turn my project into a successful business? But a better starting place might be: what can I build that helps me do my best work?

Lesson #5: Ask with intention

Focus on being what others can’t. The same uniqueness that makes your content stand out is what will help you monetize it effectively.