> Many people falsely believe that I have some sort of crazy memory for clips and movies. Not really. I just keep everything organized. I’m an editor; this was beaten into me … For “Vancouver Never Plays Itself” we used footage from 85 different films, but there were actually over 200 films in the project file. Keeping everything organized and annotated was the only way I could find anything.

> The first time I watch something, I watch it with a notebook. The second time I watch it, I use FCPX and keyword anything that interests me.

> Keywords group everything in a really simple, visual way. This is how I figured out to cut from West Side Story to Transformers. From Godzilla to I, Robot. From Jackie Chan to Marvel films.

A great example of how ruthless organization can lead to interesting and powerful connections. From the post-mortem of Every Frame a Painting

Ross Zurowski

Source: Postmortem: Every Frame a Painting – To…