Things to Try and to Experiment With

• Let your partner know in spoken and/or written word how they enrich your life.
• Let your partner know in spoken and/or written word how unique and special they are to you.
• Let your partner know in spoken and/or written word the specific things that you love and appreciate about them. These should be based on who they are versus the things that they do for you.
• If you are less of a verbal type, make a meal, do a dance, create a piece of art or do something fitting to your style that is effective at intentionally representing and expressing to your partners how unique and precious they are to you.
• After spending time with a partner, let them know the things you enjoyed about your time together and what specific things they did that were meaningful to you. You can do this either right when you are saying goodbye, as you are going to bed together or within a few hours or days after you were together.
• With your partners, take on a gratitude practice where you set aside a regular time to each appreciate the ways in which they've been supportive or shown up that have been meaningful to each of you. You can share something your partner did that you are grateful for at the end of each day, or you can set aside a few minutes once a week to share your gratitude from the week.
• Flash your partner the eyes! You'd be surprised what just three seconds of the attachment gaze/beam gleam can do to fortify your attachment bond. When in a new relationship with someone, we rarely have to remind ourselves of this because everything in our body is easily oozing that this person is the eighth wonder of the world to us, but bringing this back in our longer-term relationships can support feeling that spark again. Seeing our partners giving the attachment gaze to other people might be painful when we are no longer in new relationship energy with that partner. Try intentionally sending the beam gleam to your partners and you will be pleasantly surprised at what it can do to feed each other's attachment systems and strengthen your connection.