Porcupines Drinking The Brakes Dry

It’s the drink of choice among discriminating porcupines. It’s salty, delicious … brake fluid.

So many of the pesky, prickly vermin have been sneaking into one campground - the Rod and Gun Campground in Little Spearfish Canyon - slipping under campers’ vehicles, gnawing through brake lines and draining ‘em dry that the U.S. Forest Service had to close the campground last week.

“Obviously, if people get in their car in the morning and start down the canyon and suddenly don’t have brakes, it’s a real hazard,” said Galen Roesler of the forest service office in Spearfish in the northern Black Hills.

There haven’t been any accidents, but more than a dozen vehicles have been damaged.

Experts say porcupines are probably drinking the stuff just for the salty taste of it.