Benjamin's Alarm Clock

This is a three day quasi-woodworking class in which we will design and build a clock inspired by an historical event. Before class begins, participants will be prompted to choose what we call a ‘social memory.’ This could be anything - the moon landing, a notorious riot, the extinction of an animal - some item from history that has had a lasting impact in the memory of the participant. In class, we will interrogate what it is about the memory that has given it such resilience. Why have these moments stuck to us despite the forward march of time?

Time is a River without Banks by Marc Chagall

Using group exercises alongside basic woodworking tools, painting, and decoupage we will attempt to excavate our memories and translate their elements into the shape, color, and design of a clock with the ultimate aim of creating not only a unique and functional timekeeper, but one that is also a document of history able to remind us — as an alarm clock, of sorts — to our ongoing commitment to our memories and their commitment to us.