Museum of CapitalismMuseum of Capitalism
Museum of Capitalism

The Museum of Capitalism is an institution dedicated to educating this generation and future generations about the history, philosophy, and legacy of capitalism, through exhibitions, research, publication, collecting and preserving material evidence, art, and artifacts of capitalism, and a variety of public programming.

With texts written by founders, curators, and other contributors to the museum, the book offers a glimpse into its controversial project of untimely memorialization. Published contemporaneously with the opening of Museum of Capitalism in Oakland, California, the book extends and examines the exhibition concept. Sketches and renderings of exhibits and artifacts, combined with relevant quotations from a wide variety of historical sources, are interspersed with speculative essays on the intersections of ecology, race, museology, historiography, economics, and politics.

Included are representations of artworks and museum exhibits created by artists, original isotype graphics designed by Valeria Mogilevich from the Museum’s collection of “capitalisms,” as well as documentation of varied museum programming and research appearing here for the first time in print.

Published by Inventory Press and designed by Project Projects.

Neil Doshi