WHAT IF you could just click anywhere in the table view and start typing in a free text box, which would constitute a new object. Thus instead of having a “root” table of objects, you would just freely create objects anywhere on the grid, and then later on add them to classes as a way of ordering them. Some mechanics of this:

  • there would be a default grid width established when you click to start typing, and this would be adjustable. OR: It continues extending a single line until you manually line break by hitting enter, and then this established the width constraint.
  • You could press shift-enter to begin a new object underneath, rather than continuing to type in the same box.

More and more, my vision for “table” view (which I have mentioned I think I’ll rename to grid view) is becoming spatial in its own right, although with some fundamentally different mechanics from actual space view, which is a node-link graph.

I also like that this privileges writing practice, which I was previously conceiving as more externalized, like you write in a notes app and then link the md file in goby.

One question, if I allow the immediate, open addition of text (and maybe assets) onto the grid, is how the individual relations should be represented (which was already a question I was considering more generally).

Nico Chilla