Exercise. Don't drink. Eat well. Skip news/media that adds nothing. Read vociferously. Get plenty of rest time. Appreciate the downtime because it's not downtime it's valuable reflection time. Doing several slow things at the same time works.

Examples: Walk to the subway, bus. Don't be in a hurry. When getting to the stop, take 3 or 4 minutes to chill and appreciate the sky, plants, whatever you have.

Wake up earlier so as not to be in a hurry. Eat satiably. Cook if you like. Cook a little more and take a packed lunch. Cook for loved ones. Take the stairs not the escalator. Read a book on the subway about something completely different than your 'jobs'. Listen to a quality podcast while doing morning stretching or abs.

Wish others a nice day. Being positive breeds positivity. Plan ahead minimising catch-up. Engage in office banter, do more. Always be the owner. Synergies happen in the funniest of places. Never feel guilty for reading around or into a subject more than's needed. Don't feel guilty for not knowing something. Give time generously. Take lots of breaks. Laugh vigorously when realising something was so simple. Take another break. Do not work a job that measures you on time. Drink plenty of water. Never forget what's most important for you.

Sohan 𑀆